Real Psychics Vs. Fake Psychics

September 23, 2015 Posted by admin

past-and-futureMost people believe that all psychics are fake. These skeptical people believe it’s impossible to predict the future or speak to the dead. The fortune tellers supposedly tell their customers what they want to hear and take their hard earned money. In truth, these clairvoyants are like anyone in the business world; some are out to scam people and others really want to help mankind. So, is there a way to tell a real psychic from a fake one?

Spotting a Fake Psychic

Rather than avoid all psychics, it’s important to develop the ability to sense the bad psychics from the good ones. Be aware of psychic mediums who ask a lot of questions, such your birth date, astrological sign, etc. These cold readings are actually a sign that the medium doesn’t have psychic abilities and is trying to find some information to make you believe that you’re getting an accurate psychic reading. The fortune teller may tell you that someone has put a curse on you, and for a particular amount of money this scam artist will sell you something to remove it. Most of all, a fake psychic will want to know some personal information, such as your credit card, social security card, or bank account numbers. This scam artist will even ask you for your online passwords.

Spotting a Real Psychic

One out of every four psychics is real. Unlike the fake psychics, real ones will tell you some uncommon information that only you would know something about. These genuine clairvoyants are specific and not vague about the information they share with you. If you are trying to see the medium about a dead relative, the psychic medium already knows who that dearly departed is, when they passed on, the age, and how they died. In other words, a psychic will know all about you and why you’re seeking spiritual guidance. Now that you know the difference between a real psychic and a fake one, how do you find a psychic?

Finding a Legitimate Psychic

Before you start to find a psychic, be sure that you know what spiritual counseling you’re looking for. Sometimes, if you happen to know someone who has seen a genuine psychic, they can give you a reference for one. If you do not know anyone who has had spiritual counseling and been satisfied, be sure to always ask for references when you decide to visit a psychic. If you find a fake, they will tell you anything to avoid giving you the names of satisfied customers. Finally, you can ask someone of the Pagan religion or attend a metaphysical fair in your quest to find spiritual guidance.

Guide To Choosing The Right Psychic For You

September 12, 2015 Posted by admin

psychic readerIn ancient times, nobles, church officials and other leaders utilized the services of psychics and held them in high regard. Not just any psychic would do; these leaders searched until they found a psychic that fit well with their needs and desires. These days, regular people take advantage of the gifts psychics have to offer but it’s still important to find the right psychic for you. The following tips should help you achieve that.

The Different Methods of Reading

Psychics use a wide variety of methods to read their clients. Just a few of those methods include tarot cards, astrology, numerology and communicating with the other side. Determine if there is a specific method you’re most comfortable with or most interested in when choosing your psychic and allow this to act as a guide. Many psychics are proficient in more than one method and others will stick with just one method that they’re most comfortable using.

Choosing Your Price Range

Different psychics will charge different amounts for readings. Most will charge by the minute, but the actual cost can range from one dollar a minute to ten dollars a minute. It’s important to consider what you’re comfortable paying before you choose a psychic. This will allow you to really narrow it down.

Testimonials and Reviews

One of the best ways of choosing a psychic is reading their testimonials and reviews from past clients. These testimonials give you a great idea of how well other clients were satisfied with the reading the psychic gave and whether they’d pay to utilize that psychic again. It’s a little extra insight that you can use when choosing the right psychic for you. You should be aware that not every great psychic will be 100% all the time, but generally, they will leave their clients feeling satisfied and more enlightened. If a psychic’s reviews are all negative or mostly negative, you should probably consider skipping that one and trying another.

Gauging the Intent of the Psychic

Read over the profiles of the psychics you’re interested in and use your judgment as a guide. Does the psychic seem to genuinely want to help people or does it seem like they’re more interested in their own ego? Unfortunately, there are psychics who get a thrill out of feeling powerful, like they know more than the average person.

It’s fairly easy to pick up on this, too. Does their profile speak only of them and their gifts and abilities or do they talk about the different kind of help they can offer others? Often your own intuition can be the best way to gauge what the intent of the psychic is, so it’s important to listen to it. You may feel more drawn to one than you are another, and your gut will always steer you in the right direction.

Try Different Psychics

Most of the time, you can get an initial reading for a very low price. You may even be able to get a free reading for the first time. This is a great way to try out a few different psychics and see if any of them really stand out. Try to determine how comfortable you feel with each psychic, how accurate the information is, how comfortable you are with the reading method (tarot, astrology, etc.) and your feelings in general about the reading. This can help you find a wonderful and compassionate psychic to assist you and provide answers to your lingering questions.

By using these methods, you can find a psychic that you feel comfortable with to receive guidance, messages and answers.


Automatic Writing As A Tool For Psychic Development

September 12, 2015 Posted by admin

the spiritual worldPsychic development is part of a process of the much larger goal of spiritual growth. In and of itself it is a worthy objective but embarking on the path inevitably leads to self-discovery on many levels. The world’s religions are full of knowledge (not all of it useful) for how to do this and they include prayer, meditation, chanting, reading of sacred texts, etc. These are all ways in which to train your mind to focus on realms beyond the distractions of the physical.

We live in a multidimensional universe but the frail physical beings that we are, the imperative of biology causes us to literally lose sight of that in the process of maintaining life in the physical realm. We are born with certain filters built into our consciousness which we must learn how to bypass if we are to realize our multidimensional existence. Among the many tools we can use to focus our minds is automatic writing.

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is one way to access non-physical realms of pure consciousness. There are many different ways to think about this and names to call it and they vary from culture to culture but in Western traditions we can think of it in terms of spirit guides, angels, our own higher selves or even the collective unconscious or Akashic records. Automatic writing is the process of setting aside your conscious awareness to allow other levels of awareness through, whether it be your own higher self or another source. It can be thought of as a type of channeling and a precursor to channeling with the voice.

Why Do It?

As humans our task is to evolve and that’s what spiritual growth is. Knowing that the goal is to learn how to perceive realities beyond the limitations of the three dimensions which we can only perceive with our physical senses, we can draw upon the benevolent forces beyond the physical realm to aid us in our journeys toward consciousness and thus wholeness. That is their job. Not only is the information they can provide valuable in waking us up from the amnesic state we were born into, but the act of training our minds to focus in new ways advances us on our way.

The ultimate goal is making absolutely conscious decisions about our existence whether in the physical or non-physical state, breaking the cycle of reincarnation if we choose to, or reincarnating by choice. The more we evolve the more of service we can be to others on their journeys.

How Do You Do It?

In the old days before computers all you had was pen and paper, and that’s still a fine way to begin. But since most people can type faster than they can hand write a computer is probably a better way to go. Begin by taking a moment to focus your attention inward using meditation or whatever technique works for you. Maybe burn some sage to clear the psychic space and some sweet grass to invite positive energies to come through. Make sure you have privacy and remember to turn off ringers on all phones and other devices.

The most important thing is not to think about what you are writing. You are striving for forces to come through you in a stream of consciousness beyond your mundane reality. Just allow your mind and hands to be guided by something else. It’s helpful to close your eyes even if you are using a pen and paper.

Remember not to judge what ever information has come through, but do strive for the highest good. You’ll be able to tell from the quality of the message what kind of forces are coming through. When you open yourself up like this to the unseen realms there is always a potential for negative forces to creep in causing fear and doubt or worse and that’s why it’s so crucial that you set your intentions towards higher vibrational energy.